Workin' For The Man

As you may know, I work for the US Forest Service and in its service I have been fortunate enough to travel to some very cool places. Granted, these places still leave much to be desired when compared to the places I travel with kayak in tow. I do, on the other hand, get to take it easy and enjoy the environment and notice the not-so-jaw-dropping sights offered when strolling around in the woods.

These cute little guys were all over the place on our most recent trip to central Oregon.

More tiny dinosaur than soon to be butterfly now. Said cute little guys just down the road in warmer climes.

We must have seen thousands of these and I can only imagine the number of them out there. It would be amazing to see all of them emerging from pupae to adult butterfly.

Also of note is the fire that was raging(still is?) and causing quite a stir in Sisters while we were in the area. Last I heard was that the town might have to be evacuated, but this was at least third hand information. Yet I still pass it on to you, my faithful reader.

I'll end with a wonderful photo of Mt. Adams barely visible under the low clouds as Aitor and I were driving home from a high water adventure on the Upper Upper Cispus.