Some Pics

This is more of a photo update than anything else. A few of these photos are quite old, and as you may know, memory is not my strong point, so some of them may lack any background info. I'll start in the not so far off past with a couple more pics from BC. Nothing we havent seen before, but another nice shot of a couple paddlers dropping into the third drop of triple drop on the box of the Ashlu.

Here is Jeff 'The Terrorist' Hazboun killing it on the first drop on the upper Cheakamus.

Getting situated in Squamish

BC has very hard water


In other news, I did see and photograph some wonderful things this sumer while working for the Forest Service. Here are a few samplers.

Morning fog over the Descutes river

Great Blue Heron in moring light

Oly mountains

Hiking in to the site in the Olympics, poorly shot in typical chrsk fashion. Our destination was the burn on the peak in the background.

Steve(?), our fearless guide through the horrific Olympics to get us safely to our site. He even helped a little.

More mountains

Clouds moving inland