Rio Turbio, With Other News

Not a ton of news to report since the last update. We have been up to the usual routine so there has been plenty of paddling, exploring, driving, eating, paddling, and more driving. It´s not as bad as it sounds though, as a lot of driving for me is 80 km a day. Our new car has seen some good use, but along with that some even greater abuse. I don´t think Jared or I know how to drive slow, so the low bumper of our new ride sees plenty of rocks.

Suby power!

Immediately after buying the car, Jared and I drove from Villarica toward the hills to try to explore the Rio Pedrogoso. After many kilometers of gravel roads and big rocks, we came to an impassible(at least with the suby) mud pit. I have very high hopes for the Pedrogoso, as it descends from the same peak as the Rio Quilque(aka the Plata), which is one of the more difficult runs in the Pucon area. We are planning further exploration with a more capable vehicle in the near future.

Upon returning to Pucon, we found the Rio Turbio with a good flow, which is something Rodrigo and I had been looking for since the day I arrived. Finally, it had enough water so we got our boats and headed to the put in. Much to our liking we found the gate open, so only had to hike about 1 km before we got to the falls marking the beginning of the run.

Scouting said falls. Low water made the landing sketchy, but we hope to return with a little more water to fire this one up. I´m now sure the weather is going to cooperate though, as we have had to many sunny days for the Turbio to run again. Too bad, right?
This falls is followed quite immediately by about 150 meters of class 5 action. The rapid starts with a little slide, then another slide with a hard to miss cave, followed shortly by a couple inconvinietnly placed holes, then into a the slide and finally a 3 meter drop with a sticky hole and an easily avoidable cave on the right side.

Me dropping into the cave slide, the first consequential part of the rapid.

Look at that view!
And this one.

Rodrigo entering the final slide.
Jared in a tight slot. The whole run is full of fun slides and smaller falls, then ends with this great clean falls.

Me about to go a little deeper than desired.