Week 2 Update

Greetings from Chile.
Not much to report, except that Jared Sandeen is here and we have already bought a car(picture coming soon)and we plan on trying to find a place to live together. That is looking less and less likely the more we look into our choices, but we will figure something out. Mostly we just plan on paddling to our hearts content and being safe while doing so. I hope that we can at least make sure the later happens and just flow with whatever comes our way involving the car and living situation.
In other news, I have some great pictures taken by Emanuela to show. They are from multiple days on multiple rivers but all should show the beauty and quality of whitewater in the area. Make sure you click on the photos to enlarge them.
Here goes:

First a few more shots from the Desague. This is the local run for Pucon and is a mere 15-20 minutes from downtown, so when we don't have any work to do or need a late afternoon rush, we head to the Desague for some high-water action.

This young man, whos name is eluding me, hails from Idaho and is shown here on the first drop of the run. I know this must be turning into a boring shot, as I put a picture of this drop in nearly every post, but it is just so photogenic...

Me, on edge.

Rodrigo in the midst of a big slide with a BIG hole at the bottom.

Doing my best to boof the next hole.

The last drop, a sweet boof that launches you within inches of a wall when you land!
This photo is one of my favorites.

There are so many quality rapids on the Desague that it isn't really possible to capture all of them in one run, but at some point I am sure I'll get most of them up here, including runs of the big falls that is usually portaged!!!
Also, I have taken none of these photos. Emanuela is a great photographer, so I don't even bother. Big thanks to her!

On Friday we went to the Llancahue, which consists of a couple falls then an awesome triple drop. Unfortunately I only have photos of the first two drops, as we were more concerned with safety on the triple drop and there is no trail for Ema to reach the river. The triple drop rapid begins with a tricky, twisting 1.5 meter chute which leads immediately into a steep 3-4 meter slide with a big hole, then ends with a 6 meter vertical falls into a boiling pool. The runout is a fun slot with a tricky boof at the end. Pictures coming soon.