Rio Claro: Round 2

Rio Claro again? But why?
Maybe this will answer that question:

The last time we were here, we went down into this canyon with no beta and ended up at the lip of a waterfall of which we could not see the bottom, and at the top of a gorge we did not really want to enter without knowing what was around the corner. So out we went with hopes of scouting this immense gorge. Getting out, by the way, was no walk in the park. Only once out, did we realize the scale of the gorge, and with time restrictions holding us back, we left the Claro and returned to Pucon.

Gerd and I still wanted to know what was around the corner, so we decided to go there again to find out. Long story short, we rode buses and hitch-hiked our way to the park again and ran that mysterious gorge.

Actually very comfortable. Waiting for a bus ride to Talca.

Our final ride that took us up the hill and to the put-in.

The first day we did a mega-scout of the whole gorge, walking up and back and climbing, scrambling, and falling to try to see the water. In many places, the past vertical canyon walls made it impossible to view the river, and in some unsettling cases, impossible to view the rapids.

Gerd holding tight and trying to get a glimpse of the whitewater.

We put on early the next morning, tired from the scout but excited to see the gorge from the inside.

Gerd on the third drop of a triple drop above the gorge.

Sliding through another fun rapid at the entrance to the gorge.

Once in the gorge, these two drops came in quick succession.

This slide-falls put us in the pool just above the slide we hiked out above before. Poorly framed, timed, and exposed, typical chrsk photo.

Scouting the big slide.

Gerd rounding the corner and about to fall into one of the most amazing gorges I have ever seen, much less paddled through.

Myself emptying my boat above the falls. But, oops, no more photos. Got video though, don't worry.

The walls let very little light into some parts of the gorge and kept the tempurature quite low as well. It was about 85 degrees outside of the gorge, but we could see out breath in the deepest part. I dont't think sunlight ever hits some places in there.

A tributary falling into the Claro at one of the more open stretches.

There were actually quite a few more rapids, but the nature of the gorge kept us from taking more photos, or scouting for that matter.
The canyon opened up quite a bit on the way to the take-out.

This ended up being a great trip, and I will always remember this gorge as one of the most beautiful places I have been.