Salmon River

Ever since I saw No Big Names II: Amped, I have wanted to paddle the Salmon River Canyon. As you may know, that video has been out a good little while, so this thing has been near the top of my list for quite some time. After an aborted high water birthday mission last year, I was super fired up to get it this year.
The day finally came after weeks of waiting for levels to drop and for a crew to form. Crew on this day was large and included: Ryan Scott, Jay Gifford, Keel Brightman, Jeff Hazboun, Chris Gabrielli, EJ Etherington, and myself. Huge thanks to Ryan Scott for leading the charge and knowing the lines and trail.
We also had a trail crew including Lana Young and an AP crew shooting video and photos for an upcoming story. Keep an eye out for this one! It's going to be huge! On to other huge things...
The day starts great with a hike down hill for about two miles then a steep scramble down to the water, where you are immediately greeted by the first falls of the day, Split Falls. After this there are a few more falls, then the main event, Frustration Falls.

Myself running Split Falls.
Photo: Keel Brightman

Sticky ledge below Vanishing Falls.
Photo: Keel Brightman

Frustration is a three tiered falls, dropping about 65 feet, the first two being around 10-15, and the third nearly 40. All this is in an absolutely amazing canyon, in which you feel completely insignificant and tiny. Really one of the coolest places I have ever been.
After Frustration and the paddle out through the veil of the left channel of the falls, there is a sweet 20 footer, then Final Falls, the big falls that is often jumped or rappelled off. I was feeling pretty fired up after Frustration and looking at it while people were jumping and rappelling.
I ended up firing it off and having a decent line, over-rotating a bit and tossing my paddle to keep it from meeting my nose. I attempted one hand roll then was helped up by the bow of Gabrielli's boat. Thanks brotha!!!

Parting with my paddle.

Photo Copyright Lana Young

Make sure to check Ryan Scott's blog for photos and more story.
Also, I'll put some video up soon, so stay tuned.