Grapes of Wrath

Quite a bit has happened since we first arrived and ran our first couple rivers. The rest of the crew showed up, we paddled 6 days in a row with one overnight, then drove around a lot looking for water. Gotta love the northeast, eh?
Right. Maybe when there is water to be found, but how things are looking now we might be seeing some hard times. Maybe we'll just go back to St. John's to party before we leave?

Little Dane on a little slide on Black Brook.
Low water, eh? Nick boofing the bottom of a little sluice drop on Black Brook.

Yers truly sidesteppin a mean looking pocket on the Humber River.

Actually the hole had its way with me a little, sent me into the rocks, and scraped up my thumbs pretty good. I had to get redemption and took run number two after watching Dane, EJ, and Nick have clean lines.
We are in Labrador now and still having a hard time with water so are thinking of heading south back to the island and some possible rain.