Late Update: South Fork T

Searching for something to do after Dinkey Creek and before the GC of the T when we were left with a couple days to figure out shuttle and rest before the portage of the grand canyon, Ben, Darin and I opted for the South Fork of the Tuolumne. Just outside of Groveland, the south fork joins the middle fork, drops over a chunky little slide, then plummets off a huge slide that we had heard was portagable by jumping. The slide may have been good to go but was just so big and menacing nobody really thought about it. A little more water and it's for sure good, but terrifying.
On our ropeless first attempt, we saw there was clearly no way to jump the big slide so we turned straight back upstream and climbed right back out of the canyon. Not an easy task, but the five of us made it without incident.

Ben dropping in on the first try.

Not turning around again. Me dropping in on the second try. The rope was barely long enough for us to get onto enough of a flat to walk. You can barely see me in the upper right corner.
Scouting the big slide that turned us around.

Roping the boats back up the first rapid we ran. I hope I never get turned around like this again.

Finally in the goods. This is the final part of a fun triple drop.

Ben on the slide above the next portage.

Ben dropping off the last rappel.

Finishing up one of the rappels in the bright Cali sun.