Brazil: Part 2, and Some of 3

On wearing pants in the jungle:
Day 4 after the bite, when things were actually getting better. 

The cause of that grotesque swelling. For scale, see below.

Consider: this spider is probably bigger than your hand, unless your name is Yao Ming.

There are a few things you can do while recovering from the bite of an 'aranha marrom', like swallow unlabeled 'antibioticos' and antihistamines while lounging by the pool. 

Other activities to speed the recovery process:

1. Jump waterfalls with too little water for kayaking.

2. Make new friends at Carnaval, while not drinking, dancing, or wearing a helmet.

3. Actually go kayaking. 

4. Get drunkenly escorted to propose to a women neither party knows.

"Notha beer? Cigarette? Wanna see a magic?"

We left the beer soaked, samba-trampled streets of Pirenopolis in search of greater kayaking opportunities and the furious rainstorms we knew were in the south. 
Most noteworthy of happenings on our southern sojourn was Rafa Ortiz's successful descent of the known-to-blow-skirts Anaconda Falls. He rode the dragon's back right down the guts, got swallowed almost immediately by the falls, disappearing about 15 feet down, and emerged from the mist and massive boil a few seconds later. 

Anaconda, sans kayaker. One of my favorite new things is looking away just before a kayaker goes over a big waterfall. You should try it.