Not Kayaking/The Night Sky

It's been a while since I have been kayaking, and just thinking about it doesn't produce nearly the same aesthetic appeal or pleasurable stimulation that a true-blue day on the river guarantees. It does remind me though, of all those good days and how I can't wait to get back into the swing of things come winter. (fingers crossed)
I'm not out because of a slipped disk or torn meniscus, thank god. 
But let me take that back real quick. I'm not sure if that would be worse than working out in bfe, Nevada. Seriously. Darkest night sky in the lower 48.

Great star gazing though. 
At least I have the stars. 

Getting excited about the upcoming possibility of doing some actual kayaking next week on the South Feather(very far away from bfe), I got to looking at some pictures from the summer of care free kayaking in the wonderful world of California. 

Some fantastic photos:

Darin McQuoid on an early juicer.

Nate Garcito lines up the second day gorge. 

Darin sez: "You don't like it? Let me convince you it's soooooooo good."

McQuoid and his gloomy fantasy.

McQuoid again, trying to capture us with his mystery. He's really in there. 

Garcito makes it happen. 

McQuoid on another classic: NF San Joaquin. 

Hardly workin? Me too. 

I did a little hiking yesterday. It was actually pretty nice. 

Out of the smokey valley and into the clear mountain air.

View from the top. Up in smoke, er, clouds. 

Camping was okay too, even with the Labor day crowds.