The Desague does it again!

This run can be found at the top of my list of Pucon area rivers. It is my favorite partly because the river itself can be found about 20 minutes from downtown, but mostly because of the fun I have on it every time I run it. It consists mostly of great boofs and big holes. Some shallow spots have played the main role in boat and/or paddle and body destruction, but that does not hamper my excitement to put on this great run. Water levels are dropping out a little bit, so it is no longer at the pushy and soft level of a few weeks ago, and may now see fewer runs by me because of the many sharp and unfriendly rocks just waiting to tear into the bottom of my boat.

A couple days ago, I met up with Doug Demerest from Alaska and Jared to go for a run all the way down to the Liucura. It was Doug's first time, so we took it easy and stopped for the many photo opportunities. Here are a couple shots from that day.

This photo doesn't really do this drop justice, but there was no way I could wait for better light!

We took a bunch of photos, many of which I plan on putting up soon so you can see more of this great local creek.

I was pretty excited about this run, so I thought I would share it now. Ojos del Caburga freewheel.

Yesterday, our group of Rodrigo, Doug, and Jared headed to Tres Saltos. Rodrigo and I had visited a few days before in hopes of running the final falls only to find very low water. These conditions made the final falls dangerous enough that neither of us wanted to give it a go. When we returned with hopes of higher water, we were dismayed to find even lower water, so we trudged up the hill to run the first two falls, which are not so water dependent.

Running the first falls, an amazing slide with limited scouting options. This and the view from an eddy 30 meters upstream of the falls are the only easily accessible viewpoints. There is a tricky lead-in with a ferry/hole surf, a funky ledge, then this slide into a clean pool.

Calm before the next falls.

There were some camera problems on this day, but rest assured, there are more photos to come. Check back soon!

All photos from Doug Demerest.