Over the last few days we have done some good paddling and exploring. On the way back from the Rio Puesco we stopped to scout a river that flowed through a deep gorge on its way to the Puesco. We found a runnable 5 meter falls at the end of the canyon, but decided that we wanted to see what the deep inner gorge was like. After about an hour hike through the thick forest, we made it to the edge of the gorge. The gorge begins with this huge unrunnable falls, pools up, goes through some wood, then falls even deeper into a very tight crack. There was no safe way to see what was in the depths of the gorge without climbing gear and rope, so we plan on returning soon with all the necessary equipment. Even if we find no runnable whitewater, it will be amazing to go into this gorge.

Another fruitless scouting mission up in the hills near Pucon:
The only good things about this creek were its smooth rock and huge drops. The problems with this creek were that it had about 5 cfs, and all the huge drops either landed on rocks or 5 feet from the lip of the next huge drop. Also, the smooth, slippery rock made climbing around a little terrifying.

Scared, but the bandanna is so hot right now.
Feeling safe at the base of the first huge drop we came to.

More photos from the Desague.

Another great shot of Rodrigo on the slide early in the run.
Doug blasting down the triple drop.
Myself running the big one. Every time I have run this I have taken a hard hit at the bottom. Even landing flat in the big hole, I have gone just deep enough to hit the rock in the pool. I think most people who have run this have had a similar experience.

More from Tres Saltos. Unfortunately we could not run the third drop because of the low flow, but the first two were still fun. Check the post below for a photo of the first falls.

Hiking up to the first falls.

These two photos were all we got of the second drop. Who knew cameras need batteries?
Rodrigo taking the hit in the middle.