Update, eh?

Hey, it sure has been a while since the last one of these. Well, I would like to say that it has been because I have been so busy paddling and traveling that I haven't had any time to sit at a computer for any length of time. Unfortunately all I can say is that I moslty just haven't been up to anything update-worthy. Not to say in the least that I have not been having a great time, but nothing epic or refreshingly new lately.
Some interesting news to report though, is that there are three South African paddlers visiting Chile and trying to paddle as much as they can. They are great paddlers and very fun to be on the water with. Also of note is that I have left Pucon with them and we are in Puerto Montt right now waiting for a ferry to Chaiten so we can get to Futaleufu.
We are taking the route through Chile because they had a difficult time renting a car that would get them across the border to Argentina and down to the Futa. I am suffering a similar problem*, but decided that with my car, we could go to the Rio Gol Gol then to Puerto Montt to catch a ferry to Chaiten, where we can rent a truck that can get us to Futaleufu and back to Chaiten. I think this plan is coming together nicely and we are leaving on the ferry in the morning.
We paddled the Fuy with a good amount of water a few days ago, and the Gol Gol a little low today. The Gol Gol was an amazing run and I would love to get on it with a little more water. I will get some pictures of both runs up when I get back from the Futa and to a reliable computer. I should have some great photos from the Futa too!

Here are some pictures from the past week or so of low water paddling. (More to come soon, as soon as I find a worthy computer. So it might be a while.)

Rodrigo in the put-in drop on the Nevados.

Starting down the slide between the first and second gorges.

Rodrigo further down the same slide.

*Another issue entirely...as my car cannot cross the border or make it down to the Futa, at least with the amount of weight in it right now. I say 'my' car because I am the only one still around to use it. Yep, Jarred left to Bariloche over a week ago. Not a bad destination at all, but I could have gone for different timing.