Oregon Update

I got myself a shiny new boat this weekend. Thanks to the good folks, especially Jeff, at Alder Creek in Bend. I have always been a fan of Alder Creek and I'll be back when I need more gear.
So now that I've got a sweet new ride I need to get out and use it. I have just been itching to get on the water and I think that this weekend is going to offer a great opportunity. After this weekend as well I hope to continue paddling as much as possible until I start working in mid to late May. California high Sierra runs are on the must-do list as well as some of the goods in Nor-Cal. Waterlevels are looking good and I think they should hold out long enough for me to go down there and get some. I can't wait!!!
Even if Cali doesn't work out, I've got my eye on a couple things in Oregon that will keep me entertained for a while. Where's my crew at?

For some eye candy...
Here are a few photos from my last couple of weeks in Chile.

Boof'n the ol' Jefe.

Photo by Juanjo Ortiz

Scouting a big one.

Photo by Rodrigo Tuschner

Running a big one.

Photo by Rodrigo Tuschner

Ian Garcia dropping Nilahue.

Enjoy the photos and stay tuned for more updates from Cali. Coming soon.