So it's been a while since I was there, but here are some shots of our Nilahue run. I might put some more vid from Chile up pretty soon, but as you may have figured out, 'soon' means that it will probably be in a few weeks. So until then, enjoy.

Salto Del Nilahue in southern Chile. Collapsed from double drop to this in winter of 2006. First D of old falls by Lj Groth and Trip Jennings at insanely high water. First D of current falls by Chris Korbulic, Rodrigo Tuschner, and Ian Garcia.

Also, here are some purty shots of the same falls.

Making the move away from the hideous undercut cave.

Chillin at the base.

Post run elation.

ps. heading to California this weekend and may stay there for a while if anyone is interested in paddling. I know flows are pretty dismal, but we may just have to settle for what we've got.