A Little Update

Well, if there is anybody still looking at this and interested, paddling has been a bit of a struggle lately. I've gotten a little play boating in, though that doesn't really count as paddling, and had some mis-adventures in California and Washington. California is now looking quite a bit better too, so maybe heading back there soon. Royal Gorge anyone?

Carvin it up in the local spot.

EJ and I went up to Washington to attempt to do four rivers in a couple days. On the way up we stopped for a little play on the Santiam, then up to Canyon Creek in Washington. All went well and we had great weather, though water was low.

Canyon Creek put-in, following dentists orders.

Thrasher with my boof face on.

I'm sure EJ had the same face for this mega-boof.


EJ goes for the plug.

After a night in Portland we made our way toward Hood River for the Little White and the Green Truss. After figuring out shuttle we got to the put-in to see the clouds burn off and leave us with another great sunny day. We got down through Gettin' Busy and Boulder Sluice without incedent, but once to Island, EJ noticed a growing amount of water in his boat. With a little more inspection we saw the culprit, a 4 inch crack just under the seat. He opted not to risk the rest of the run with a boat full of water so wanted to hike out. Having had the pleasure of hiking out of the Little White on a previous boat malfunction occasion, I opted to finish the run. It was a great time running the Little White by myself. I chose not to run Spirit, even though it looked sooooooo gooooooood.
Until next time...maybe some L Dub photos too...