It´s Not Over Yet

Our last days in St. John´s Newfoundland were surprisingly productive. We found, cleaned, and returned everything we had borrowed. Almost sold our car then found another solution for it. And we paddled both days we were in town. One of our local contacts from the begining, Chris Buchanon, was in town with a couple days off work and was excited to get out on the water and show us a couple local gems.
Bay Bulls Brook was 20 minutes from downtown and offered some bedrock slides and a few fun rapids.

Chris Buchanon does it right on a fun double drop.

The run finished in the ocean, Bay Bulls I suspect, and we did shuttle slowly in the warmth and occasional sunlight.

Chris also had big plans for the next day and told us about a great looking waterfall with a decent trail most of the way. We were very excited for a good waterfall on the last day of our trip, and easy access sounded better than ever. However, I think our excitement got in the way of our focus on reality and the fact that any time we thought we were going to have an easy hike it turned out to be a serious tuckamore·bog·cursing slog through the woods. It did help that we were also told that it would be an ¨easy hike¨on a ¨fairly maintained trail¨that would take about fifty minutes. Now don´t get me wrong, I´ve sandbagged before to get people to do something, but this might take the crown.

After a couple hours through the tuckamore and deep bog we arrived at the river and found the falls. Dave Macdonald scouting.

Chris Buchanon dropping in on the Little Harbour River falls.

This falls was just what we needed to end our trip on a good note. We paddled out elated that we got on the water the last two days possible and headed back into St. John´s for a night out on George Street.