Good news: lots of water.
Bad news: not in the Desague.

Got into Chile yesterday after a good couple days of travel and a fun night in Portland, OR. Thanks again to Chris Gabrielli for helping me with everything.

I found Rodrigo in the morning and we were off to the river very soon after. He was just as excited as I was to get on the Rio Desague so we went there first but found it, to our surprise, bone dry. We tried the Nevados and found it bankful and juicing like we had never seen, then opted to go for the classic park-and-hucks on the way back to town. Not a bad first day.

Scouting the local duck-and-huck falls on the Coilaco.

The late boof in all its glory.

This may be one of the most photographed falls in Chile, but for good reason. It might also be one of the most fun to kayak.