Been a few since an update, eh?
In short: Rodrigo and I paddled a few more days of high water classics, found some wood in unfortunate places, and waited for the rest of the crew to arrive.

Carhuello drop without wood.

photo: Rodrigo

Rodrigo busting through some pushy water.

Synchronized paddling.

Crew arrives:
LJ, Todd, and Tao are fired up to get the goods and we go paddle minutes after they get into Pucon.

Todd droppin low water Tres Saltos.

Oops. Boofing is definitely one of my favortite things to do, but this one was a little scary.

I'm okay though and we kept on paddling every day with high water and motivated crew.

Rodrigo skipping down the slide.

LJ dropping into the second gorge on the Nevados.

photos by Ema Passi

I thought my boof was big. Todd proves that you can boof bigger.

photo: Chris Korbulic

Luckily he flattenned out about 40 feet up and plugged deep breaking his paddle in the huge boil.

photo: Chris Korbulic

LJ in a lonely place.

photo: Chris Korbulic

...then deep in the crease.

photo: Chris Korbulic

LJ stoked to be at the bottom.

photo: Chris Korbulic