Little Consolation

I don't even know where to start with all that has happenned since the last post. In short, we got shut down on a huge mission north, got shut down(kind of) on a mission south, saw some great scenery, and ran a couple big waterfalls along the way. It was all about the scenery.

View from roadside camp on the way to the Escondido.

Volcano along the Manso.

The Manso with a little more than we were willing to take.
Bariloche at dusk before a night of partying
Before getting into Bariloche we stopped for a special roadside attraction.

Ian scouting the beast from above before we dropped in.
Running one of the drops in the gorge.
photo: LJ Groth
Evan scouting from the intimidating lip.
LJ coming into the lip with a considerable amount of speed.

Ian about to fly.
Me on the lip just before freefall.
photo: LJ Groth
Evan same.
photo: LJ Groth
Stoked crew below the falls.
photo: LJ Groth
Then back to Pucon for some more Middle Palguin on Christmas day.

photo: Demshitzphoto: LJ Groth
photo: LJ Groth