Gol Gol and Other Newz

After a bit of waiting around in Pucon for some activity to fall in our laps, we devised the plan to rent a truck and take a few days to get out of town and paddle some classics. First was the Gol Gol on the day we left Pucon. We arrived in good time but found the river, unfortunately, a little higher than we were expecting. For reasons unknown, none of us were really that fired up to get it done on the juicy stuff. It's a new and interesting feeling, the one of not being fired up to run the goods and take advantage of the situation of being at such an amazing river. Still fun, of course, and definitely an eye-opener.
Well I guess the eye-opening began on the day we went back to the Middle Palguin thinking of running it from the top. I was super fired up to get back in my boat and really get it done after an unfortunately long hiatus. I think that combo right there got me: super fired up + hiatus = bad news bears.

Example 1:

photo: jared seiler
Above led to an exended surf and eventually a swim.

Yeah I was pissed, but more disappointed than anything. And what better way to make yourself feel better than run a big watefall? Thank god there was one just downstream.

A less than spectacular line off this falls did wonders for my confidence too.

So there we were at the Gol Gol...

Evan on his way to China and to exploding ear syndrome.
photos: ian garcia

We went to the Florin too and I watched Ian boof the big falls like I did last year. I laughed a little then jumped into the pool. We looked at Nilahue and the hatchet wound was still gaping so we came back to Pucon. Happy new year then back to reality of low water and low water motivation.
So we are here in the summer heat and I am getting ready to leave for Ecuador on a bussing mission. Waves in Pichilemu and rain in Peru have me excited to start cruising north. Until next time...