Off to the...

Great things have taken place over the last two weekends; the Canyon Creek Race and the Little White Salmon Race. Kiwi friend, Jono, and I spent a few days lapping the Little White and Green Truss the week before the Canyon Creek Race to attempt getting into decent racing shape.  Maybe didn't succeed. Paddled a lot and had heaps of good times on the river though. 

Enjoying the best of the LW. 
West to the Canyon Creek Race and more people than I ever thought would show up to a kayaking event in the northwest. People lined the shore at the finish and watched the race action. 
In the sun. It was great.

After the whole week of rain and snow and cold this was the perfect sunny day to be out on the river. 

After this race we spent a few days back in Corvallis working getting ready for summer then went right back up to the Little White to get ready for the race. The weekend came with snow and cold and 18 people fired up to race down one of the best rivers in the states. 

Gettin the down low.

The basis of this race was like that of any other; get down the course as fast as you can, hopefully fast than most other people. Stage this basic race premise on a steep river, sprinkle in a few class V rapids over about 2 miles, and expect it to be done in about 15 minutes. More like 18 for the likes of me, far from the front runners. Locals represented in good fashion with Tao and Todd taking first and second. 

Jono looking tired and finishing the down river.
Photo: Bo Wallace

Day two was to be a slalom. And indeed, it was.

Jono sneaking by gate four at the lip of boulder sluice, one of the most fun rapids on the river, made even more fun by a few gates.
Again, Todd Anderson represented, posting great slalom times and taking the overall title.

LOTS of people fired off spirit after the first day of racing and with little carnage, finishing off the day the best way possible.
Photo: Keel Brightman