Come On Vacation, Leave On Probation

So after our Kimshew experience, we thought it appropriate to take a bit of a slower day and hit up Ben & Jerry's on the West Branch of the Feather. We were still licking our wounds and sore muscles from the day before as we pulled in to the take-out expecting to wait a while for Darin and Devin to show up. 

We pulled in to find a few locals also enjoying the sun.
Little did they know we were about to go kayak class 4/5 as they gifted us with some high quality brews. It was impossible to say no to the glistening cans dripping ice as we sat in the shadeless parking lot. 
Mike says: what you gonna take a picture of me?
Well we ended up waiting a while as Darin drove from Chico and our new buddies invited us to a barbecue that night just up the road. Promises were made of huge pieces of meat, pretty girls, and an abundance of high quality golden drink. Cultural experience second to none to say the least. 
Just some of the locals. Right.
Well back to kayaking. The next day we rallied back to the South Branch hoping to do the two day section after camping on the island above the portage of Seven Falls. 
The first day went well again, with the brothers Knight running the second and third decents of the chunky 40 footer above the real portage. 

The lead-in to the chunky 40. 
The river getting its revenge.
We got down to camp in good time and watched the group behind us bomb off the final 50 in good style. The days destructometer totalled two paddles and one chin out of twelve people on the river. Our group had eight, with six planning to continue for the second day down to Milsap Bar. After the rigors of the day though, the group dropped to four. 

Maybe it was seeing the portage route that scared people off?
We have to portage where?
Drying gear on the island below two amazing waterfalls and at the lip of a 150 foot falls. 
Boat repair after day one.

One of the most amazing places I have ever been. This was just across from where we camped and about 20 feet farther downstream. 

Devin boofing out on a sweet falls shortly after putting on. 

We began our portage in the morning and only feet from the river one of the group lost footing and slid towards the river. Arresting himself and his boat with one arm proved to be too much for his shoulder and a good hit to the knee took its toll on motivation. 
Then there were three. 
We continued the portage and made good time taking the previously unused left side route. Once on the river, Jono, Devin, and I worked our way downstream taking our time to scout things that Devin didn't remember. Devin and I ran a rapid that had never been run before and both of us got stuffed into a bit of an undercut, finding out first hand why it hadn't been run. 

Me getting down the triple drop. Shortly before a short ride in the bottom hole.
Stroking till the bottom.
Takin 'er deep off the Headhunter.

Getting ready for another day on the Kimshew.