The Kimshizzle

If you see this, we are near.

Ben making the move.

Me not making the move and going into the eddy of doom. 

Luckily Devin was standing guard at the eddy with a rope just in case someone missed the line.
Humbled by the complexity and power of the slide, I sat on the rock wall above the eddy and contemplated what had gone wrong and why I hadn't made the all important left driving move away from the eddy and into the outflow. This was my biggest missed line on something so consequential and I definitely feel lucky to have emerged at the bottom with little more than lightly bruised elbows.
Everybody says, "Good line Ben."
"Oooooooooohhhhhhh," with grimacing faces for my line.

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With only lightly bruised elbows after the slide gone wrong, we continued down Kimshew until the West Branch, took out, then got ready for the South Branch overnight. 
All went well on the upper South Branch, but the group still dwindled from eight to three for the second day. Devin, Jono, and I rallied and were rewarded with what Devin said was the highest run to date, a new portage route around seven falls, and a perfect sunny day. 
Still around the Feather and off to something fun tomorrow.