Fantasy Falls

After the South Merced it was back on the road and a day of hectic planning and re-planning as we checked levels and waited for phone calls from missing group members. We managed to get everything and everyone together on one plan and made our way to the North Fork of the Mokelumne River for Fantasy Falls. We were a little late to meet with Reno legend of the slopes Grant Korgan at the put-in, but he was there waiting for us in good faith that we would stick to the plan. With a crack of noon arrival and entry into the river an hour or so after that, we made our way down to the same camp we used last year after a sweet watermelon seed slide in the middle of the first major gorge. 
Early arrival and plenty of sun on the granite led us to a lazy afternoon with plenty of rest for the next days gorges and portages. 

Good morning on the Big Boy Pants rapid. The river turns around that house rock in the middle and slides way down on a buttery smooth piece of granite. 

Day 2 we rallied way down below the third gorge and huge cataract portages and camped on another granite slab with an amazing view of the massive un-run rapid. 
We had a very leisurely morning sipping coffee, eating cereal, and sitting in the sun.  
We started the morning with the Green Monster big boof off a wave over the top of a giant boulder. After that it was time to get ready for the big three on the last day. A good section of boulder gardens led us to the first of the goods. 

Grant on the dreamy Fantasy Falls. 
Next up was the infamous Island slide. We looked at it for a good long time and finally Evan fired it up and styled through the whole thing. 

Me about the take it in the hole at the bottom of The Thing. I almost made it through but trying to roll pulled me back into the hole to a savage cartwheel or two then pulled the cord and went for the deep line out the bottom. 
Evan went next and miraculously made it through no questions asked with a nice roll off the top of the boil. Solid day of paddling for the young beast. 
We paddled out nice and early against a strong headwind but made it to the end in good time and celebrated in the sun before heading straight to Dinkey Creek for some smooth waterfall action.