More Merced

A few more fun South Merced photos from Chris Gabrielli.

Prime camping after a primo day of whitewater. It was HOT by 9 in the morning. Cali at its best.
Coming in hot!

Evan comin out hot. Out of the rapid, of course.

Jono and I blue angel style down the super slide. He's just behind me if you look hard for his paddle.

There we are. Good stuff.
So we've been doing far too much driving, and are now heading south again for the Dinkler and more time at the Kaweah. Good things come to those who wait though and Dinkey should be perfect and should set us up perfectly for a great run on Fantasy Falls. Another group just got off Fantasy with good flows but very cold temps, so we are hoping that the coming week will see rising temperatures and sunny skies. 
Tension has been high, so getting a bunch of days on the river is exactly what we need. Sun, water, and tasty smooth granite will do us well.
Unfortunately Jono has work obligations and will be leaving to Poland this weekend then maybe coming back here for BC. Or Norway. Or New Zealand, or Nepal. Rough life he has. 
Chris is taking a few days off to go back north for some tlc and rest, but he's already fired up to get back here and on with the pilgrimage. At least I'm expecting him to be after a week of luxury and missing Dinkey and Fantasy. I'm not sure either, but I guess there's no good time to leave California until it's dry so you have to pick and choose if you have to.
Stay tuned for tales of the wild beasts on Dinkey.